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Lesvos Calendar 2023
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Letters, Arts, Culture of Lesvos. This is not a Diary, but a book with Cultural, Historical, and Folklore topics related to Lesbos. In the publication, there is an extensive tribute to a contemporary artist concerning, or origin on, the island. The book is delivered in a paper case in which the book is placed (case). The "Lesbian Diary" has been published for about 100 years. The 2023 edition includes a large tribute to the Asomatian painter, iconographer, and photographer Panagiotis Polychronis and to the Ecclesiastical Museum of Asomatos. Magda Anagnosti presents in detail with text and photos the large donation of Dimitris & Magda Anagnosti of about 100 visual works that will be housed in the Art Gallery of Agia Paraskevi (Old Olive Mill of Agia Paraskevi).

Writer: Panagiotis S. Skordas

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