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Book Presentation: Gulf of Kalloni, Lesvos - Histo

Book Presentation: Gulf of Kalloni, Lesvos - Historical Tour

The Spiritual Center of Kalloni "Arisvi" presents on Friday 3 May at 19.30 at the Municipal Theater of Kalloni the book of Aristides Kyriazis: "Gulf of Kalloni Lesvos-Historical Tour".

Speakers: Dr. Makis Axiotis, Doctor of Cultural Technology, dr. Yiannis Konstantellis, Philologist, Argyris Keramitzis, former Director of EPAL Kallonis and Aristidis Kyriazis.

The book's cover shows the plan of the representation of the Holy of Holies, by the German archaeologist Robert Koldewey, who excavated it in 1885-86. The octagonal Ionic temple of the Synod of Lesbia from the 4th century BC. is located in Messon of the island, eleven kilometers from Kalloni, at the northeastern end of the bay of Kalloni, where from the 7th BC. century until Roman times, it was a meeting place for the representatives of the cities of Lesbos to solve the problems of the island, a center of Pallasbian worship with an annual women's pageant for the "Aeolian Kydalimanos Theon Panton Genethliak", (Glorious Aeolian goddess of all births), as he wrote the Alkaios, i.e. in honor of the primordial Aphrodite-Kalloni who was worshiped in the gulf of Kalloni, called the Pyrrhic Euripos during classical and late antiquity and the Mediterranean Hermas upon the arrival of the Aeolian settlers on Lesbos in 1,054 BC.

The book, based on Greek and foreign literature as well as Greek and world mythology and history, attempts a journey into the past from the most mythological to the end of the liberation of Lesvos in 1912, with twenty-one tours of the Gulf. , with the first starting from the rock island at the entrance of the Gulf, which is recorded on the geographical maps as Kalloni, called by the fishermen of Garbia, while in the first century AD. it was called Sandalion, from Sandalon of Venus.

From the worship of Aphrodite-Orea in the ancient Pyrrha of Lesbos, they got their name: 1) the gulf, 2) its eastern cape, 3) the rocky island at its entrance, 4) its basin, 5) its Kampos, 6) the medieval city of Kalloni recorded from 1334 and destroyed in 1450 by the Ottoman admiral Süleyman Baltaoglou, 7) its Paliokastro on the site of ancient Arisvi, 8) its twenty-seven villages that either existed before or were created after its destruction and of which seven were rescued and released in 1912, Acheroni, Dafia, Argiana, Kerami, Papiana, Soumoria and Agios Kosmas, who in addition to their memorable name also bear the common nickname Kalloni and 9) today's Kalloni, as it was renamed Acheron. 1916, capital of the then seven villages of Kalloni. 

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